Saturday, March 29, 2014

convention report - leipzig bookfair 2014

13.03. - 16.03.2014 was leipzig bookfair. 

and yay I have been there :D
it's one of the oldest conventions (along with the frankfurt bookfair) and marks the true start of the cosplay season in germany.

this year cosplayers got their own exhibition hall. including lots of merchandise shops, maid café, a giant stage with lots of presentations, workshops and performances.

unfortunately there were some great mistakes with the entry management, and it has been a hassle to get through the security check point.
since all the cosplayer with props had to use one specific entrance, which lead to the manga hall, traffic jam in the gateway was inevitable. especially if you had only one gateway for all these people. so on saturday, my friend and I needed like 45minutes to get from the entrance through the manga hall to the nearby glass residence...

the glass residence is a stall-free hall, where the normal fairgoer could take a rest. there are food stands, tables and seats to chill a bit.
the light in this hall is amazing because it's made of glass only. and of course all the cosplayers and photographer gather here to take some cool pictures.

weather was mixed. friday was mild with lots of sunshine. saturday and sunday was unbelievable windy. the way from the parking lot to the entrance way a fight against gale force 10 (it felt at least like 10!had to fix my wig with my hands)

I met lots of amazing cosplayers and time flew by way to fast. when we were on our way home I only felt like "it's over? but we just arrived! why we have to leave already?"

I took only very few pictures but please enjoy:

acuera as Tsukimi Kurashita [Cover04] from Kuragehime

grusli as Alice - Silk Maiden from American McGee's Alice

see the full gallery here on cosbase

thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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