Monday, October 7, 2013

starcraft cake

I spontaneously decided to make a zerk-base-cake for my brothers birthday.

my brother and I did made these starcraft inspired cupcakes together. so I had an idea how to make the minerals and the vespene gas geyser.
check this video for a tutorial.

since my brother is a devoted zerg player and I like zerg the most - I wanted to zerg base with one hatchery.

these pictures for references

and here my result

the hatchery is made out of almond paste. coloured with a cocoa-water mixture in shortage of foodcolouring.
the vespene gas geyser is also made of almond paste, the gas is a round piece of gummi candy. and the minerals are smashed ice bonbons :)
the cake underneath is a simple pound cake without special ingredients. I covered it with chocolate. scraped the surface while cooling down to create this crusty texture.

it is not perfect, but for an hour of work, it did come out quite well :) 

what do you think?

thanks for reading and have a crafty day :D


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  1. Haha sieht echt gut aus :) Dank dir für den Youtube-Kanal :D
    alles liebe