Wednesday, October 16, 2013

convention report - finals of DCM 2013 at the Frankfurter Bookfair

last weekend (12.10 - 13.10) I visited the Frankfurter Bookfair.
since 2002 the DCM (stands for Deutsche Cosplay Meisterschaft means German Cosplay Championship)-finals take place on the sunday at the Frankurter Bookfair.

this year I got a seat in the front row. sadly I was not able to leave my chair to take some photos right in front of the stage.but I tried to take some shots between the heads of the judges and other photographers. Many failed because of poor my autofocus accuracy, some because of the judges, some because of other photographers.

but please enjoy the few pictures with decent quality.

katrinkleeblatt as Alice Lidell (Late but Lucky) from Alice - Madness

 Symphonia as Lillet Blan  from GrimGrimoire

Laverna as Alice Liddell [ Asylum ]  from American McGee's Alice

 mondhase as Haydée Tebelin  from Gankutsuō

 Gouky as 10th Doctor  from Doctor Who/Torchwood

for more information check out this article (german)
and for more pictures check out this gallery from Christoph Gerlach (nick: Sai1)

the videos will be linked when uploaded on youtube. 

thanks for reading and have a nice day 

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