Monday, September 30, 2013

cosplayprogress no 4 - taekwon kid [ragnarok online]

straight to the point!

reference picture

first of all challenges: color gradient of the top.
I dyed it myself and I am pretty satisfied with the result. I used this video for reference.

 the basic fabric, pure white cotton 7€/m cut,finished and washed beforhand

first try of dyeing. used a liquid colour with a spray flacon. so adding water to the container means to lighten the colour. I really like this method - the gradient can be made quite precisely. lots of other dyeing tutorials recommend to dip the fabric into the dye which results into interesting patterns but uneven gradients.

after washing the fabric, lots of colour came of. if you are not dyeing the normal way, the colour will come out much lighter than expected. 

second round, I made the dye much stronger.

see the result of the dyeing. I love it. maybe it is a little bit too soft. but I didn't had the time do dye it a third time...

see all the paintings

 shirt pattern

shoe piece pattern

skirt pattern




  and all the pieces

pendant detail (a original korean pendant stolen from my mother)

and here some pictures of me wearing this stuff. many thanks to Vincent Tram, he did make the photos and I really like them. check his album on fliker, its awesomeness in pictures

thanks for reading 
and have a nice day


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