Wednesday, September 18, 2013

convention report - connichi 2013

from the 13.09. - 15.09.2013 I was at the connichi.
it is the biggest an coolest convention in germany. on this con you show of your coolest costumes. there are lots of amazing cosplayers in even more amazing costumes.

weather was horrible.
so cold and wet and it made me really snappy and unhappy. since we had no tickets, there was no way to enjoy the shows and competitions inside.
especially on saturday the weather was really bad, so I had a hard time with my thief cosplay uU

cosplay list for connichi:


taekwon girl
from ragnarok online


from ragnarok online



from ranma 1/2

our ragnarok online cosplaygroup was AMAZING!!!
so many cool cosplayers joined us. sadly I made only a few pictures.

I absolutely have to practice to arrange so many people on one picture, on top of that my new lens is not made for big group pictures. maybe I can afford to buy a wide-angle-lens till the next time...

but please enjoy:

 the awesome group!!!

from left to right starting wit the top row: gypsy, sorcerer, sura, kiel (monster), rouge, thief, game master, high wizard, sage
kneeling from left to right: two arc bishops, shura

 the absolute stunning acuera as a sorcerer, I love this picture.

and here are some pictures of my awesome ranma-cosplay-group :D

kuno, ranma, ranma-chan and akane with p-chan <3 br="">

love you guys!!! <3 p="">

and here some other pics from the connichi

tea and coffee

the incarnation of septemper

spike spigel fom cowboy bebop

fuu from magic knight rayearth

check this link out for more my whole gallery

thanks for reading and have a nice day!!

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