Saturday, August 31, 2013

styling no 1 - shampoo's wig

here a quick overview how I styled my wig for shampoo from ranma 1/2.

there are some tutorials online for working with stubs and stuff, but my wig was lend to me, so I had to figure out a way to style it into these hair buns without glueing or cutting hair off.

here the reference

the wig. kindly lend to me from murmeltierchen (check out her wizard cosplay from diablo 3 its amazing!!!)

brushed, secured with pins on my styropor head.

my styling tools:

hairpins, hairclips, hairtie, comb, wig brush, two selfmade hair bun clips.

how I made the hair bun clips: cut of the end of a sock, roll it into a donut-like shape.

covered the rolled sock with a piece of (stretchy) fabric and then covered the open side with a piece of craft foarm (foam rubber), cut out two holes for clips on opposing sides of the bun and sewed the craft foarm in place.

clipped the hair buns into the right place. doubblecheck for symmetry.

pulled out the strand of hair that is clipped down with the hair bun clip and place it over the clip.

this looks easy but is a little bit tricky: pulled the elastic band over the bun, and tried to spread the hair evenly. the bun should be covered completely on the front.

divided the strand into two, wrapped one strand it around the bun clockwise, the other counterwise. then secured with lots of hairpins.
depending on you wig and your skill, you maybe need to add some additional strands to make it look good.

repeated on the other side

done with the buns, move on to hairaccessory.

selfmade flower hair clips

simply clipped onto the buns - thadaaaaaaaaa :D
and here a close up

hope this may be helpful for other people who don't wan to destroy wigs wit glue and stuff ;)

thanks for reading
have a nice day


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