Tuesday, June 25, 2013

new lens

upgraded my photo equipment, these are pictures I took with my new lens

Saturday, June 8, 2013

convention report - dokomi 2013

some time ago at the 18.05 - 19.05 there was the dokomi at düsseldorf.

it is the 5th time for this con. last year it moved to a bigger location and its awesome. they use some of the smaller fair halls of düsseldorfers fair grounds. there is a japanese garden and a western styled park next to the con halls.
so lots of space for natural shootings. on the other side there are lots of parking lots where you can take interesting shots with a darker atmosphere.

this gallery shows the variety of shootingplaces at the dokomi. photos taken from Sai1 (awesome photographer!!!)

weather was an asshole. the first day was super cold and made me really grumpy and snappish. it cleared up late in the evening and we had really good weather on sunday.

cosplay list for the dokomi

[jellyfish princess]

from kuragehime



from ranma 1/2

a bit about the con itself:

prices for the tickets are ok. since the new location is fair ground, the renting fee is pretty high. weekend-ticket was 26€ a ticket for a single day was about 15€. in my opinion is that is a fair price.

toilets are superclean and there were even free water dispenser for thirsty cosplayers! only catering succed. no snacks and drinks for people except for overpriced bubble tea, onirigi and muffins. and the next supermarket is miles away.
thats the disadvantage of the fair ground : everything is miles away. station, supermarket and ice cream palor :(
but, if you arrive with the car, there are no problems with parking. huge parking-lots around the con :3

the con itself was cool when the sun came out. sadly it took until saturday in the evening...  met lots of nice people, had a superawesome time with our small ranma-group. sadly we don't have any photos of the whole group.

since the weather made me very unhappy, my photocollection is patheticly small uU
but please enjoy the few pictures I made.

kurogane from tsubasa reservoir chronicle

 kuranosuke koibuchi from kuragehime

arch bishop from ragnarok online

nico robin from one piece

ilithyia and lucretia from spartacus
thanks for reading and have a nice day.