Sunday, May 12, 2013

convention report - hanami 2013 - con meats festival in ludwigshafen

last weekend from 04.05 - 05.05 was the Hanami.

weather was ok. the first day was cold and rainy but it cleared up in the evening and we had really good weather on sunday.

cosplay list for the hanami

tsubaki nakatsukasa [spartoi] from soul eater


shampoo [maid] from ranma 1/2

a bit about the con itself:

this was my third time on this convention. it moved from one location to the other and I prefer the new one. the new building is called "Pfalzbau" and all kinds of cultural events take place here.

I really like the new building, but the prices for the tickets are a bit overboard.
they wanted 23€ for the saturday-ticket! this is a lot for only one day. two years ago it was like 12 € for saturday. the whole weekend was about 27€ or so, which is fair. but 23€ for one day is too much.

the con itself was awesome. met lots of nice people, had so much fun chatting that I forgot to make enough photos :O

please enjoy my small collection :)

umi ryuzaki, fuu hoouji and hikaru shido from magic knight rayearth

ukyo kuonji from ranma 1/2

kagamine len from vocaloid

elise lutus  and jude mathis from tales of...

black star from soul eater

here is a link to my cosbase photo gallery for more photos.

thanks for reading and have a nice day


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