Friday, April 26, 2013

cosplay progress no 2 - shampoo [ranma1/2]

at the LMB I had lots of fun, chatting whit shugo. he is an awesome cosplayer check his animexx profile. (I love love love his Onizuka cosplay!!!)

and he told me about his giant Ranma 1/2 cosplay group. sadly I am not part of it, but we want to form a second group, and I will join as shampoo!

I love all the funny characters from Ranma 1/2. but I decided to go for shampoo, because I love the way she speaks, and I think her visual appearance is close to my own and fits me well.

first I wanted to realize her amazon outfit. but there is few time till convention, and I have the pattern for a chinadress - so I will go for the maid-outfit.

cute, huh? normally I would not go for such a cute character design. I prefer the cool designs with cool heroines. but normally shampoo is pretty cool, too.

here see my fabric (stretch satin), and my first self made pattern for this dress. I spend a lot of time re-creating it. I thought, that my last pattern would work well, but its totally messed up. I don't know how it happened to be good-looking.

my self-made bias tape. I simply used the left side of the fabric I am using for the dress.

I finished the sewing of the dress. at this point I am very disappointed with myself. it took me such a long time to re-create the pattern, and it is a complete failure. the neck is much too wide. and it doesn't fit at all. it looks like I have no boobs and no waist at all.

 even the back is a failure. all wrinkly and stuff. so disappointed uU

second try, I made the darts at the back longer and thighten the dress at the sideseams, but of course it came out much to thigh.

I felt like the dress would explode every second. if I move all the belly-area gets totally wrinkly and all...

third try I think it fits now :D

here I inserted the sleeves.

I have a weakness for sleeves. I always put the first sleeve in the wrong way. I am very proud of the sleeve detailing.
looks pretty simple, but I took a lot of my brain-cells to get the bias tape around this piece of fabric.

here is the finished apron :D

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  1. awesome,I was wondering how to make this dress, good idea putting the zipper in the back :3