Thursday, February 28, 2013

cosplay progress no 1 - kishin asura [soul eater]

it has been a long time.
but there is an other entry for this blog :)

I am opening a new category - the cosplay progress.

and since the Leipziger Bookfair is only two weeks away (15.03) - I have to start crafting and sewing ;)

planned are kishin asura and mizune from soul eater. with main focus on the kishin.
because he s waaaaaaaay cooler >D
(god of madness!!!)

check out these references for the kishin

unfortunately I fount no picture with the completed look I want to achieve. I want this suit jacket and the open face.
simply doing this open shirt version would be impossible with my physique. the more fabric - the better.

what to do list:
  • buy wig
  • buy contacts
  • buy fabric - red, white and a dark grey one
  • think about shoes (is there a need?)
  • buy pattern for the suit jacket

  • sew the jacket, the trousers, and the headgear pieces
  • draw the lines on the jacket 

I brought the pattern for a completed suit. I pray that the smallest size will fit me and I won't have to change too many things. it is the burda style 7046.
I will have to test this stuff on a cheap fabric, to try it on. on the other side I will make may mistakes and I will (hopefully) not repeat them on the real fabric.

so tried out the pattern for the suit jacket. this stuff was pretty complicated, I adjusted some small details. but I think I have to readjust it again. not satisfied with the shoulder-sleeve-thing.

brought the contact lenses. I decided to go for these.

they are from colourvue and named with the fantastic name of the dark lord - voldemort.
I know these have no cat-like pupils but I didn't find some like in the reference. and since I couldn't find these I decided to go for simple red ones. they look a little plain but since I have no time to order some from far away I choose these.

the contacts pretty fast arrived!
check these out
 still a bit plain, but when I wear them, they will make an impact.

bandages  in progress :

I sewed a tunnel for the wire. this shall make the bandages "flow" 

here ends the progress entry, I didn't make any photos from here on, so reading about it will be quite boring.

thanks for reading and have a nice day


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