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an overview for my fellow ragnarok online cosplayer

this is an entry for my cosplay-group.
I accepted the challenge to organize this huge cosplay group. some of these people didn't play the game so this entry shall explain the classes and the equip and everything.

start of with the novice
this is how you start the game. as a novice. you will learn some basic skills till you are joblevel 9 then you are ready for your first jobchange. 
at the time you create your account you will have do decide which gender you want to play. if you have a female account all your characters will be female, same goes for the male account -> all your characters will be male.

there are some cases where the gender determines your class, but normally there are no differences between genders except for the appearance. 

first you will have a veeeeeeeeeery short time as a novice. if you have job level 10 you may do your first job change.

you can choose one of the following classes

your job level account will be set to zero during the job change. if you chose a class with a second job (all except ninja and gunslinger) you may have your 2nd jobchange with job level 40. alternatively you may change at job level 50, depending on your devotion for your character (in my personal opinion it s waste to make a jobchange at lvl 40, you will need the skillpoints!)

then if you are baselevel 99 and joblevel 50 you may choose to rebirth your character. it means you restart with a 1/1 novice and do all the leveling again but this time you will need 3 times more experience than before. why doing this?
you unlock new skills, you can have only as a rebirth charakter, you will have more life and mana, and you may wear better don't need to rebirth but it has many advantages. 

then if you have reached base level 99 and job level 70 (or 50 if you didn't do rebirth) you may advance to your third class till you have reached base level 150. your max job level is 50, since you start with 1 at the beginning of your job change.

this is a table with all the possible classes

system does like this:
  • first job
    • second job A
      • -> 2nd rebirth job  -> third job
    • second job B
      • -> 2nd rebirth job  -> third job


collection of weapons

1st jobs


a cute small altar child.
club enemies down with maces or may support his partymembers with buffs its healing ability, alternatively heal undead monsters to life.

here some reference pictures of maces
from left to right: mace, chain, stunner, long mace, grand cross
and here a link to all other maces.


classical long distance fighter.
equips bows and arrows.

some reference pictures of bows
from left to right: burning bow, freezing bow, gale bow, arrow, arrow of wind


 the magic guy. throws all kinds of elements onto monsters. equips staffs.


    best class ever :D

    can fight with daggers, swords or bows.


    no society runs without money. these guys may use the power of money to smash monsters or to accumulate more money ;)
    they may equip daggers, swords and axes


    classical tank unit.
    equips daggers and swords

    taekwon kid 

    only class who fights with kicks!
    usually doesn't have any weapons equipped to archive max attack speed.


    love for this class!
    you may throw shuriken at your enemy or become a magic using warrior who hides in the shadows.
    this class has no 2nd class at the moment maybe they will be implemented later but nobody knows what fro is doing...

    equips daggers, huuma shuriken (gigantic throwing knives) and kunais


    the mecanical long distance fighter. for gunlovers.

    has also no 2nd job jet, but I don't think there is even one planned...

    her a link for guns, riffles and gattling guns

    2nd jobs


    supporter class. all love them for buffs and heal ;)
    equips staffs and books


    strong minded fighter.
    may equip fists and maces


    long distance fighter. use traps and their falcon to hunt their enemies down.
    equips bows and arrows.

    dancer (female only) + bard (male only)

    musicians who support their party with songs. 
    bards may equip instuments and bows, dancers whips and bows.


      ground control magical class. deals a lot of damage to an unlimited number of enemies.
      equips staffs.


      specialist in killing one target with magic.
      equips staffs and books


      silent executer. only class which can equip two daggers at once.
      can equip katars and daggers 


      a true boor. has a lot of useful skills to accumulate money or to make others player angry >D
      they can equip bows or daggers  






      star gladiator/ taekwon master


      1st job: taekwon kid


      1st job: taekwon kid 

      2nd job rebirth

      high priest




      gypsy and clown

      high wizard



      assassin cross






      lord knight



      3th jobs

      arc bishop





      ministrel and wanderer






      guillotine cross








      rune knight 


      royal guard


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