Monday, November 19, 2012

material no 4 - acrylic paint

the fourth material entry.

this time all about the acrylic paint I use.

so basically I use two different brands of acrylic paint this is from Reeves and I chose this brand because they have a wide range of colours. I personally don't like to mix colours by myself. I am not confident that I may get the same tone the second time therefore I use these.
one tube is about 3€ and contains 75ml colour. its not cheap but it is not too expensive.
what else to say? they are water based and depending on the thickness of the colour layer and the material, drying needs more or less time (1- 4 hours but sometimes longer). you can mix and thin down all the colours, which is really good for working out details on props.
for big surfaces I recommend working with sponges. for small details brushe.

the other brand is this one.
first of all: I didn't bought this whole set! I got it from a friend who gave up his warhammer hobby. I have no money for that. each pot is 3€. I think it is pretty expensive but its quality is high.and they sell a lot of different colour tones. I don't use it for big surfaces, only for smaller details.

hope this entry was al least a bit usefull.
humble thanks for reading. colour up your life and props.

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