Tuesday, November 6, 2012

material no 2 - sanding paper

the second material entry

I really hate this part of crafting. but it has to be done. sanding.

and therefore you need sanding paper.
there are many different kinds for different materials: metal, wood, laquer and paint and even stone. I use the wood type sheets. you find them in the building supplies stores, sorted for different purposes. one page has the DIN-A4 size and cost about 0,60 - 1€ depending on the quality and the grit size.

here you can see my awesome collection of sanding papers.

this is a close up of the sanding papers for my grinding machine. you can see the difference of the grit size. the bigger the grain the more friction and the rougher the sanded surface. so if you want to shape your piece of wood use a big grit size. if you flip over the sanding paper you see the number. it indicates the number of the grit pieces per surface area. so a small number means few but big pieces. a big number indicates a huge amount of smaller pieces. in this picture you can see sanding sheets for a machine. grit size from left to right: white 80, light brown 60, dark red-brown 40.

these are normal sheets.
grit sizes from left to right: 100, 120, 220, 400, 600

here you can see the backsides of the sheets. sometimes even the purpose is printed on the paper (see the 100er paper is made for wood)

here is a useful table when to use witch paper. maybe I will implement it later but, doing tables in this blogger system is a pain in the ass...

hoped this helped a little.
thanks for reading, have a crafty day!

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