Sunday, November 4, 2012

material no 1 - glue

this is the first material entry.

in this category I will show you what materials I use, where to get them, how much do they cost and on what projects I use them.

so this first entry is very basic. it is about glue.
as I already said I am a cosplay beginner and have many things I didn't try or don't like. so this is only a very small collection of glue types.

there are many different types of glue. depending on the material you work with and the wished outcome it is useful to know the differences between the glues.

this is normal glue you can get in germany.
the smaller tube is an all-purpose glue with an gel like texture. I prefer this gel texture because it helps helps to work more precisely and on the other hand you are not wasting too much glue on your hands.
it dries clear, pretty fast, and is correctable when still wet.
you can use it on all kinds of surfaces : wood, porcelain, metal, paper, cardboard, felt, plexiglass, leather, fabric and many more. but don't use it on styrofoam, styrodur and this kind of weak plastic - the solvent of the glue may disintegrate your piece.
the bigger tube is a solvent-free crafting glue. so you may also glue styrofoam an styrodur with it but it does not come in this gel like texture and is a bit more difficult to handle. accordingly it does need more time to dry. and its gluestrenght is much lower.
so these two are good for papercraft. I glued my whole assassin cross armor with the all-purpose glue. but for this project a more liquid glue like the crafting glue would have been more effective...
cost all purpose glue: about 4€ for 31g
cost crafting glue: 1,69 € for 60 g

this is my beloved contact glue.
I really like this stuff.
its adherency is extra strong. as you can see on its tube picture is is made for stressed things like shoe soles. it may tolerate a wide range of temperatures, water, dilute acid and alkali. its super amazing. works on all kinds of materials but be aware of styrofoam and styrodur. this has a very strong solvent and will simply melt away ally your material.
you have to apply it to both surfaces you want to glue together and let it dry for at least 10 minutes. then press the pieces together. be careful with that you can not afford to mess up, this fixation is permanent.
you can get a gel or a liquid kind of glue, depends on your preferences. but it will always have this ugly yellow colour. so be careful if you are using it to repair any broken pieces.

cost: 7€ for 120 g

this is wallpaper paste.
I often use this on my craftswork at home and less on my cosplay projects but sometimes it is really useful.
I used it for my poison bottle to apply the paper onto the styrodur.
but I think you cannot use it for any other materials then paper and fabric...

I always have a glass of wallpaper paste ready for crafting. because I am very impatient. if you mix it together you have to wait at least 20 minutes till its ready for use...

cost: 5,69€ for a 125g package (6-9 litre of wallpaper paste)

hope this entry helped. thanks for reading.
glue wisely. craft a lot.

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