Monday, October 22, 2012

sewing thread shelf

this is no cosplay crafting entry :O

but I build something pretty useful for an amateur sewer like me: a sewing thread shelf.
and here is how I did build this
on this photo you can see 3 different kinds of styropor.
the blue one is a very thick plate of styrodur, it is about 12 cm the pink one is also a styrodur plate but its thickness is only 1,8 cm. the white plate is a simple styropor plate with 0,7 cm thickness.
to build this shelf i only needed the white and the pink plates. these are all partly used, so this is a optimal use of leftovers.
check out my styrodur entry, if you want to know more about this material.

started with the white plate and cut out the biggest rectangle which was possible.
mine was about 36,5cm x 54 cm

then I cut out stripes from the pink styrodur. 3cm x 36,5 cm.

then I cut of  an edge of the stripe, the stripes are angled now. you can see it here, then I pushed the 55mm nails trough the stripes.
the gap between the nails is about 5 cm and the distance from the end to the first nail is about 2 cm. so there are nine nails for each stripe.

then I painted the stripes with white liquid acrylic paint, twice ( because the pink was still shimmering trough with the first layer of color) and inserted the nails.

then I took the big white styrodur plate and marked the places where the stripes should be places in the end. the stripes have a thickness of 2 cm each.

calculation of the distance
(total length - thickness of stripes * number of stripes) / (total numbers of stripes - 1)
 in my case 54 cm - 6*2 / 6-1 = 8,4 cm

beautification improved through some stripes of masking tape :)

fixed the nail-stripes with some short nails onto the styrodurboard

turn over and sort your sewing threads :D

also did a little one for the bobbin threads :)

whohow! humble thank you for reading and a really awesome day

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