Thursday, October 4, 2012

self indroduction

so time for a self-introduction!

hello I am deelit, a newbie cosplayer from germany :)

my given name is Faye but the nickname I am using in the internet is deelit.

how I got this name?
a poor story which shows my slightly dislexic-side.  I created a character in an online game and want to name it like the main elf of record of loddos war Deddlit. but I am a very sloppy reader and in my twisted little mind it became deelit. this is how it was. and the heroic story ends here.

I turned 23 this year. and I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways wanted to cosplay but it took me such a long time to make the fist step and got to a convention. so my cosplay-career started in the summer when I turned 20. but I was not on fire, the passion started when my best friend took part in a cosplay-competition at a convention. and since then it has become my passion.
so I like to think of the hanami 2011 as the true start of my cosplay-career ;)

and this year is the start of my photograph-career!
got a cam for my birthday. (yeah!)

so my goal is to improve my photo-skills along with my costumes, my make-up-skills and posing abilities.
I have lots to learn!!!

you can find me on animexx and cosbase

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