Wednesday, October 31, 2012

medusas nails and tattoos

this is no real crafting entry.
but this shall show how I do my nails and snake-tattoos for my medusa gorgon cosplay

since medusas fingernails are some kind of trade mark and the rest of the costume is rather simple. me and my friend spend a lot time thinking of how to make the nails looking good without any manicure-skill.

and this is what my friend thought of: simply cut out the yellow arrows out of self-adhesive foil. that was such a good idea I simply copied it.

I prefer to use false nails. that is because I tend to wear my nails pretty short. and once you have prepared them you can put them on after you put in the contacts and the wig without loosing to much time.
you can use all kinds of fake nails but I do recommend not to buy these with a gel-glue-pad to put them on and of, they simply will fall of all the time.

I am no nail-art-pro. I am sure there is an more elegant way to paint the individual nails if they have no application tap, but this is how I mastered this challenge
I used a piece of clay

and put the nail on top

this way, you will not mess up any part of the nail :)

then painted it black and let it dry ( take your time and don't be impatient, if you have to redo it it takes the doubled time )

this is no yellow foil but a white sticky label. I have these at home and didn't want to go out to buy foil for extra money ( haha I am always broke)

this stuff is supercool, I also used it for the lable of the book for maka. it has a paper-like surface and you can put it into your printer or draw with pencils.

then I cut out some arrows with an exactoknife.
of course scissors would have done the same job but I love to work with these scalpel-like things. makes me feel more pro.

took it of the sheet and place it on a free piece of this non-sticky paper.

then I coloured it with a yellow copic marker, but an other yellow pencil would have done the same job.
if you use a felt pen or a marker let it dry first. you may need to add a second layer to intensify the colour (especially with the copics)

then I added the sticker onto the nails.
I tend to make really long arrows, and snip of the piece which is too long.
after you have done that it would be wise to top this sticker with a coat of clear paint. I didn't do that, because I was too lazy but it will prevent your stickers from peeling and falling of

here the finished nails.
and an other advice: prepare more nails then ten. may loose one or two nails on a con, so be prepared and have the nail glue and some extra-nails and stickers with you

this is how my sticker foil looks like, see the arrows are really long. but I use the remaining pieces for my foodnails. there I don't use arrows but stripes only. to much of a hassle to cut out these mini-arrows. and no one would see them anyway...

and here you can see the result. you can also see my toenails :D

as you can see the arrows have all different sizes because I was to lazy to make a special template for each nailsize but you don't notice till someone points it out. in my opinion the nails comes out pretty good :)

I also decided not to choose very long nails. I don't like how it looks and it doesn't matches up to medusas character. she is more pramatic ;)

ok. nails finished, move to the tattoos. sadly I am not able to draw these onto myself, I always have to ask my cosplay-partner to do that for me. thanks nele!!! (she has done it a lot of times already)
since I have two costumes with tattoos I have done a lot of research to archieve the perfect looking tattoo-imitation. and this is the result: a permanent marker. sounds stupid but I like it the best. you can buy tattoo-marker but you don't want to have these weird tattoos on your arms for too long. especially as a cosplayer. maybe you want to wear a sleeveless dress on the next day without these tattoomarks or whatever. there are these bodypainting colours, some kind of grease paint and in the end you fix them with a powder so they won't come of and smear your whole costume. but I don't like them. they are too complicated to apply and smear of and look not like a real tattoo. but this is my personal opinion.
so I have come to the conclusion that this permanent marker is the best for black tattoos. applying is very easy, the marker itself is really cheap and you can simply remove it with make up remover. normally it does not smear if you rub over it, the colour will simply peel of in small pigments. you shall not sprinkle water on it or sweat to much, then the colour will fade and smear a little bit. and what is super important: don't use cream especially suncream. the colour will not stay and completely smear. but I recommend to test is out. if you have sensitive or dry skin I don't know if your skin may bear that. have in mind that it is possible to get tanned weirdly, so if you have the tattoo on, don't stay in the sun too long ;)
I highly recommend this permanent marker! Edding 1455 calligraphy marker.
you can draw freehand or make a template. for the snake had I prepared a template because I want to have the same on each arm. nele has drawn the points freehand. I have seen people who made even a template for this but I was too lazy.
check out my faith connor cosplay to see more of my tattoowork :D

thanks for reading and have a nice day

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