Wednesday, October 24, 2012

crafting no 9 - shadow star - third form - severed shadow (soul eater)

the ninth craft entry.

a soul eater weapons again :D
again some weapons for my black star cosplay (spartoi version)

haha tsubaki is a superspecial weapon and can change into many different forms, so there are a lot different weapons to build

so here is a reference picture

so this is my pattern. 
this is a very simple weapon. there is no need for additional pieces or anything

I copied the pattern onto a 6mm pinewood-plate and cut it out. then sanding, bumping correction and shaping with the smoothing cement and sanding again.
here you can see the ring and the grip I moulded with the smoothing cement.

added the colouring and that's it.
pretty easy.

here the finished weapon

and here a link to a supercool photo in action


I really really like the photos of this photograph and I am very happy with this picture, so cool >D

as usual thanks for the reading.
and have a damm good day!

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