Tuesday, October 23, 2012

crafting no 8 - shadow star - zero no kata "masamune" (soul eater)

the eighth craft entry.

a weapons again :D
I really crafted a lot of them, till now I didn't realize but, my blogging is mainly about weapon crafting xD

kay, this one is one of the many weapons for my black star cosplay (spartoi version)

here is a reference picture

sadly I don't have any photos of the crafting process, but there are so many crafting tutorials for katana-like swords with a sheath...
bensonders sword tutorial (deutsch)
but anyway I will explain how I personally dealt with this challenge.

I crafted the whole thing out of wood. it is the best material for swords in sheaths and sheaths. I know people who craft these out of paper or modelling clay but it does depend on the skill and kind of sword you want to build. but for these simple swords I prefer simple materials.

first I created a pattern. usually you would draw 4 pieces: the size of the blade + grip (one piece), the extrapieces for the grip, the sword shell, and the lids for the sheath. 
this is a really bad pattern. I made it stupidly.
I simply cut out the blade from the same piece, and didn't considered that the blade need to be smaller than the sheath-piece. and the patterns for the grip are missing and it's not well-though-out at all. so please create smarter patterns if you plan to make a sword like this.

then I did copy the pieces onto the woodplates. and cut out.
the blade is cut out of a 6mm pinewood-plate. bensonders tutorial contains a cut out piece for the sheath, but I think it is difficult to do and the sheath will look very chunky if you don't cut it out very well or the blade will simply not fit in.
I used wooden stripes 1x 0,5 cm the lids of the sheath are cut out of a 3mm thick cottonwoodplate.

next I did the sanding of the blade. I tried to make it all smooth and created the sharp edge of the blade. then I put the pieces of the sheath together but not the second lid. tested first if the blade fits into the sheath, then glued everything together with my beloved contact glue. then I glued the pieces of the sword together: the sword shell and the extra grip-pieces.
then sanding, and correction with smoothing cement and sanding and sanding and sanding till everything is smooth and ready for painting. a super tip for the sanding: use a paper tissue or an old piece of fabric to close the opening of the sheath, it will prevent the whole dust and dirt from gathering in the sheath.

here you can see the the individual pieces. 
the advantage of these thin wooden stripes is its flexibility. you can simply bend it according to the curve of the blade and glue it together.

the picture doesn't show it very well but the sheath is lined with fabric. this protects the colour and the shape of the actual blade, on top of this it looks neat, without painting the inner side of the sheath.
for the the closed end of the sheath I cut out a extra piece to close the end properly, there was a gap but I closed it whit some smoothing cement.
when I am working with wood I always use smoothing cement to fill in the gaps and smooth all the bumps and stuff.

this is the sword shell, it is also made of wood and cut out of the same plate as the blade. used the smoothing cement as modelling clay to give the piece the right shape. but as you can see it breaks easily because it's a non flexible material.

here the finished sword with sheath.

thanks for reading. creativity may be with you young crafter.

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