Tuesday, October 16, 2012

crafting no 7 an umbrella for medusa (soul eater)

this is the seventh crafting entry

again a rather simple entry. nor progress photos, because there is not a lot to explain anyway...
this is an accessoire for my medusa gorgon cosplay. (here other pictures)
why an umbrella? because I knew the weather would be horrible. the forecast said it would be raining for sure. and a matching one would be much cooler.
my plan was to make 2 spartoi umbrellas and one for medusa. I wanted to paint the spatoi logo on the blue ones, but I was to lazy to make it in the end.
the medusa-umbrella-crafting was tricky enough, and consumed too much time. (haha of course these things were crafted one day before the convention)

how did I do these? spray paint.
I used masking tape to create the pattern on the umbrella and covered the rest with newspapersheets.

sounds easy but was pretty tricky because the cheap masking tape I used didn't stick properly on the water repellent fabric.

thanks for reading and have a crafty day,

and here one picture with the matching cosplay :)

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