Monday, October 15, 2012

crafting no 6 - water bottles and books for the spartoi members (soul eater)

this is the sixth crafting entry.
it is rather short because this craft was veeeeeeery simple. but I liked my idea so much I want to show of a bit.
I made a matching bag for the spartoi cosplays (black star - spartoi and tsubaki nakatsukasa - spartoi both from soul eater) and became obsessed with the thought of matching accessories.
so here you can see the result.

it is super important do drink enough on a day on the convention. perfect with matching water bottles! with the spartoi uniform logo
the text says "super spartoi mineral water" ;)

and a close up

also made a book for my maka, since she didn't have her scythe with her at the frankfurter bookfair. but all cosplayers need some props to pose with ;)
and a close up of the logo. I had do draw it by hand because I have no printer, but I think it doesn't look to bad :)

thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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