Saturday, October 13, 2012

crafting no 5 - shadow star - leaf of the moonlit night (soul eater)

the fifth crafting entry

yay an other weapon-crafting-entry. I love to build weapons, posing with them is the best!
this one is for my black star cosplay (spartoi outfit). I really really love this cosplay and made lots of cool weapons and accessory for it. more crafting entries will follow ;)

ok. this is the reference.
looks pretty cool, huh?

I build this weapon in a hurry. it has to be able to disassemble it into smaller pieces for better transport.
otherwise travelling with big weapons is too inconvenient.

I made it out of styrodur.
because it had to be light and quickly made.
and I like styrodur a lot :3

this is the draft, this time I also used it as an pattern for the painting, so all the 8 paints look the same.

 here I actually made a photo of how I have drawn the pieces onto the styrodur-plate. even if the material is very cheap (paid 4€ for this plate and I already made the katars out of this one - one plate. two weapons. good deal) I tried to save material. styrodur is my favourite material  and you can use small pieces for other projects. for example this poison bottle for my assassin cross cosplay. so save material :D

these are the cut-out pieces. sorry the photos are at a bad quality...

this is a thread rod 3mm. it is a 1m rod.

for my project I needed smaller pieces, cut it down to the size of 10 cm. the building supplies store could have cut this for me. but they wanted 1 € for each cut!a super rip-off ! the rod itself was 99 cents.
therefore I decided to cut it myself. for 3 € you can buy a whole metal-cutting-saw. I didn't bought one but used my dremel instead. a dremel is a multi-function device. it has an exchangeable top. and there are lots of different tops for different uses. grinding, sanding, milling, and lots of other things.
you don't need a multi-function device. an all-purpose saw will do a good job as well.
but if you are using a electronic tool like the dremel for sanding or cutting use safety glasses! there are sparks and little pieces of metal and wood, eye-protection is very important! I always use it, so you should do it, too. I also recommend a surgical mask and a cap during sanding - no dust in your nose, mouth and hair.

the finished  pieces with nuts. in the end I didn't need the thread rod, normal long screws would have been enough...

 then I put on the drill top on my dremel and drilled a hole into the center of the stryrodur pieces

 here I am ironing the styrodur pieces, I like ironing it a lot. the edges look so clean and are much more stable.

 I ironed all the surfaces. see the bumps in the material? I tried to be careful not to damage the styrodur but it happens. but no problem ironing helps.

on the left: the piece before ironing. on the right: after ironing. the surface is super smooth and all even.
 here you can see the ironed edges (bottom) and the non-ironed edges.
I highly recommend ironing all edges, the colours will hold better, because the material will not absorb the colours so much any more. 

 these are styropor rings. the one at the back is a full one. if you put the other two together it will become a whole one.
ironed the flat surface of the two half-rings to strengthen the material.

then I put the thread rod into the styrodur. it was pretty difficult. I tried pressing and screwing it in but in the end I needed to use a hammer!

I marked where the pieces had to be fixed on the ring. and cut out till the styrodur-pieces fit into the gap

 because all the pieces are finished, I start the colouring. normally I would use spray paint. but at the moment I am really broke and try so save money. so I spend half the money to buy normal acrylic paint. surprisingly it works pretty well! I used a piece of my dish-washing-sponge to get the paint on the styrodur.

 all the pieces painted on one side. I personally really need time for the painting.
I prefer to do this by easy stages. first one side, let it dry. then the other, let it dry. and so on. I really cannot do it all at once ^^"
I couldn't make photos from all the stages because the battery of my cam was empty

these are elastic bands. I sewed press buttons onto them. to secure the second half of the ring later.

here you can see how I put all the pieces together. put the lid and the elastics on. finished :3

at this time there is need for a little analysis of error:

in the end there was no need for the thread rod. a big would have done the same job. my plan was to fix the pieces with the nut but of course it didn't worked with styrodur...
the syropor rings are rubbish. to unstable and painting them is a real pain in the ass. next time I would use wood or something like this...

thanks for reading and have a crafty day

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