Friday, October 5, 2012

crafting no 3 - armor parts for my assassin cross (ragnarok online))

the third craft entry

there was so much crafting at my assasin cross cosplay I have to share everything I learned (and I learned a lot)

this time it is time for armor-pieces!

here is a reference picture

as you can see there are 5 different pieces:
  1. shoulder protector
  2. vambrace (arm protector)
  3. these claw-like glove pieces
  4. greaves (leg pieces)
  5. blades at the back of the boots

these are my first armor pieces and mine are made of paper. 

why paper?
because I can. and because the amor is white. and because I am too poor to buy expensive wonderflex or something in this price category.
at this rate I paid like 10 - 15€ for the whole amor. including glue. pretty cheap don't you think so?

ok everything starts with the pattern, no difference from sewing. I made these myself. I have no concept for that, simply start and rearrange till finished.

upper tree parts on the left : gloves and claws
big thing on the left: shoulder protector
two parts in the middle: arm pieces
single piece on the right: part of the knee-protector

pieces for the greaves

I did not add the folding and glueing allowances at the pattern but it would have been useful to do that (would have prevented a lot of cutting failures xD )

placed the pattern onto the right paper (300g/m²)
have no pictures of that sorry. 

added glue allowance and the cutting marks for these fancy 3-D-elements, will call them loops from now on (hated them while working loved them on the finished piece)

start of with the vambraces, because they have been the easiest pieces.
I cut the paper onto the paper an cut it out.
fold the piece at the drawn lines.
then it should look like this

added an extra-border of foam rubber to create the loop. needed these steps for all the armor pieces.

fold the paper at the drawn edges an cut in the places you need to cut, to glue the piece together later.

these are the vambraces.
to strengthen the amor, I attached additional pieces of cardboard stripes
at this step I should have made the glue allowances much bigger, working would have been more easy

top this with a cardboard lit and glue everything together secure it with paper clips till its dry

the finished vambraces.
added two elastic bands with a pressbutton to wear them.

these are the claw pieces.
the pattern is pretty complicated, and it took me some time to create this.
pre-fold the pieces at the right lines. I prefer to crease first and fold then, the edges are much cleaner than without it. I also use two set squares to fold everything evenly.

the pre-folded piece glued onto the glove base, secured with hair-needles. I already folded and glued the small triangular ends of the claw stripes. the two in the middle didn't come out well. but I was to lazy to correct that.

here I glued the tips together
secured them with hairpins till it has dried

the finished claw-glowe piece. added a elastic with a press button. secured with an extra piece of cardboard.

these are the pieces for the shoulder protectors.

again glue in borders of foam rubber to create the loop

here you can see the finished edge. to create the round shape the pieces on the edge have to overlap. fixed them with glue and topped these with the bottom piece

secure with hairpins till dry.

the finished pieces. I sew them onto my body (jacked/swimmsuit thing). and this is a real advantage over any other materials. you can easy fix them onto your clothing by simply sewing it on.

ok the most tricky part of the armor: the greaves
I really hated them the most while crafting.

these are the basic pieces

cut out these stripes to create the angular edge. because of the round shape of the middlepiece I needed to cut these triangles into the stripes

glued the stripes onto the basic piece.
and sewed them on. is is much more stable, and otherwise it would simply go off.
I could have redone this and prepared bigger stripes with more glue allowance, but sewing was so much quicker and I think it is more stable than any glue-thing.

here you can see the sewing line.
and on the other side I added the top-lid with glue. why with glue an no sewing? because the ugly seam would have been visible on the top

the finished basic pieces. the knee protectors and the plate for the boots are still missing

ok. here are the cut out pieces for the knee protectors, added the loops in the way you already know ;) see the reference picture on my desk :D

glued the knee piece onto the basic greave. created the angled form through folding and gluing. at this point I should have put more effort into this piece.
I didn't secure anything and that was the reason why it broke on the convention...

I don't have any photos of the next steps but the last piece is simply attached to the main piece. added some elastic stripes with press buttons. sadly without any extra stripes for extra security.

these are the finished pieces after I have worn them for a whole day. as you can see I fixed the knee whit tape (looks awful) and some of the elastics are coming of.
the yellow glue stain is also really ugly. I could have done a much better job but I was to lazy. for the next time I will start earlier so that I don't have to finish it the day before the convention.

phu this was a looooooooooooooooong entry.
hope you liked it.
if you have any questions, just ask :)

thanks for reading and have a nice day!!!

here is a last picture of me wearing the whole thing ;)

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