Tuesday, October 9, 2012

crafting no 4 - tsubakis chain scythe (soul eater)

the fourth craft entry

this time from my  tsubaki nakatsukasa cosplay
this is a character from soul eater. soul eater is a special series to me. I already cosplayed a lot of these characters  but there are still lots of costumes from this series on my "to-cosplay-list" :)

she is not my favourite character but unfortunately I look a lot like her, and our appearance matches quite well, but our characters couldn't be more different.

haha but cosplay is cosplay. costume and play. to play this character was quite hard for me.

here a reference picture
and a little explanation:

this character can change into a weapon. partly and completely.
as you can see here is she only partly weapon. I liked how the chain of the chain scythe fades to her hair. and I like weapons, so I decided to go for this "outfit" ;)

this was my first weapon I build in my career as cosplayer. I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot. hope sharing this information with you helps to prevent these mistakes to be done again.
I build this scythe twice. because the first one was made so chaotically and without any plan. it simply had to fail...
for the second time I thought first and made a plan ;)

everything starts with a draft

I had these 5mm press board plates. and my plan was to reduce the weapon to its elemental shapes, and create the depth through the addition of several additional pieces. may sound stupid because my english is pretty bad but it is supereasy.

the red 1 is the basic piece. to achieve the right thickness of the blade I needed tree pieces. I forgot to mark this correctly - but piece 1 needs the same cutout for the rod as piece 3. the cutout is the same size as the thickness of the rod of course.
the green 3 is the middle section. it has the cutout for the rod and forms the second, edgeless part of the scythe. needed this piece four times.
the blue 2 is the lid without the cutout. to finish the right thickness and hide the junction from the blade and the rod. needed two of these.

draw these onto the wooden plates and cut out.
the better they are cut out, the less work you will have later. I didn't worked properly at this point, so I had to correct all these unevenness, wrinkles and bumps later.

I used a electric machine
got this thing on ebay for like 40 €. it is used, pretty big but supereasy to handle. it was a supergood investment. never regretted buying it.

time to glue all the pieces together. started with the tree red pieces, glue them together. and insert the stick.

I used contact glue. this one
liked this so much I would highly recommend it. you could use normal wood glue but normally it needs a lot of time to dry properly with this kind of glue you don't need to wait to long to work with the glued pieces.

added more layers. until all pieces are glued together. at this point it is important to let the glue dry correctly. with contact glue you won't have to wait long, but please take your time. the result is much better.

but the edges are all bumby and glue is everywhere. to smoothen the edges and bumps I added smoothing cement and spread it evenly where the wood need correction. 
this is how it looks like when it is completely dry. it is important to let it dry completely, if you don't wait till it is dry you will simply rub of the whole smoothing cement and you have to redo it.

then sanding. I really really hate this kind of work but look how much better it looks.

according to your ambition you have to repead the last two steps. for me I added like 6 or 7 layers of the cement.
why so many times? it is not the goal to cover the whole weapon with a thick layer. it is the opposite. use the less possible amount.

I wanted the chain to be removable. therefore I bought a round hook with a screw end (1), a matching nut (2) and an pommel-like endpiece (3) for the staff.

drilled a hole into (3), that way the hook will fit trough and can be fixed with the nut.
and the nut is fixed in the staff. therefore I drilled the shape of the nut into the staffend and fixed with my lovely contact glue.

now it needs coloring!
have no pictures of the process but it was not too complicated. I used gray spray paint as the base, added the details with liquid acrylic paint.
added the chain. finished

thanks for reading and have a supercool day!

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