Thursday, October 4, 2012

crafting no 2 - bloody roar (ragnarok online)

the second crafting entry.

again something for my assassin cross cosplay

but these times my favourite cosplay accessories: weapons

the reference picture from the assassin cross has chakram equipped. but I wanted a cooler weapon, I chose this one "boody roar" based on looks ( I would not recommend this katar ingame!! I personally prefer the elemental katars )

anyway this is the reference picture for my katar

I made it out of styrodur, but if I could turn back time I would have made it out of wood.
why? because I like wooden weapons and because it would be still alive. styrodur is pretty unstable an breaks easily, before I arived at the convention the first broke, then after the con the second followed.

but then why you made it out of styrodur?
because my both hands where damaged at that time, I couldn't have sawn, carved and this properly. and the sanding. and because I had never worked with styrodur before, I really wanted to try that. and I had no time for wood. wood is pretty time-consuming, especially the sanding (absolutely necessary, don't skip it !!)

ok I started with the draft
at this step it is important to resize the weapon to your body-size, don't make it too big or too small, you may try posing with the weapon-draft, it helps me a lot :)

next step, I copied the draft onto the styrodur, with a permanent marker (you can use anything but don't press the pencil to hard, the styrodur will dented easily) and cut it out with my electric saw.

I do own one because I already made a bunch of wooden weapons, and sewing by hand sucks!  my first weapon was so awfully sawn, that I threw it away without even sand it properly. I got mine (old and used) from ebay for like 40 € and that money was a good investment.

but it is no problem to cut this with a normal carpet cutter or an exactoknife but be careful not to cut your fingers!!!

styrodur is a kind of plastic, and plastic is sensitive to heat. if you make it hot it will melt. a big advantage over the wood, you save time because you simply iron it instead of sanding it. the plastic will meld and harden, so this step will also increase the stability of your project. on top you can easily create the blades without additional carving -> it saves a loooooooot of time
but when you are ironing it you have to put a baking sheet between the iron and the styrodur, otherwise you may throw away your iron and the piece you have been working on.
if you have a really detailed work carving might be the better alternative, because it is some kind of difficult to work on small details with the bakingsheet, the project and your hot iron in your hands. but then top it with papier maché to increase its stability.

then the painting, I recommend using a foundation. I didn't use it and the result was, pink shimmer through my grey spraycolor...

the golden ornaments are made of foam rubber. I used white foam rubber and painted it with golden acrylic paint 

finished of with the bandages and green dots on the golden ornaments.

they are superlight but supereasilybreakable as you can see here one "arm" has been ripped of, when I tried to put it into the car...
hope you enjoyed this entry :)

thanks for reading and have a nice day

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