Monday, October 29, 2012

crafting no 10 - shenhuas weapons and stuff (black lagoon)

the tenth craft entry.

this is something for my shenhua cosplay. other pictures here on cosbase.
shenhua is a supersneaky badass assassin form the series black lagoon. I like her very much: her funny accent and super awesome combat-abilities make her totally my type ;3

although all the other gangsters in this series uses different types of guns she is the only successful character with knives (love her for that!!).

this is an action figure of here but you can see the weapons really well.
she got these two blades which are connected through strings and these small throwing knives.

the pattern for the big knives. I didn't found the pattern for the smaller knives...

I copied the pattern for the twin knives onto a 6mm pine wood plate and cut them out. for the small throwing knives I used a 5mm pine wood plate.

added the details (guard and pommel) by gluing wood pieces on and modelling with smoothing cement.

the smaller throwing knives.
simply cut out and sanded. nothing special.
sewed a holder for them out of elastic band. to fix them on my legs I sewed on some press buttons

you can even take them out :D
but in the end it would have been more clever to made them out of foam rubber. why? because even if you sand the wood it still may rip your stockings...

here are the big cutting knives after sanding, correction with smoothing cement, sanding and colouring.
there are many details missing, but I didn't have the time and the spirit to accomplish the original look.

shenhua does wear golden bracelets on each hand. I couldn't find some with the right thickness so I simply taped two thinner bracelets together with crystal tape.

here you can see how I put the earrings together. a little bit tricky but I like how they came out.

the earrings and the bracelets together.

I really like them :)

my humble self is really thankfull for your reading and wishes you a crafty day.

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