Thursday, October 4, 2012

crafting no 1 - poison bottle (ragnarok online)

this shall be the first crafting entry.

I love crafting accessories. I like to put a lot effort into these small details. like a matching umbrella or bag.
I really really love these.

for my assasin cross cosplay I crafted a lot of these :)

so this is one of them: a poison bottle

for all of you, who never played the onlinegame ragnarok online, this is a basic item for pvp skilled assassin cross players (skill "enchant deadly poison" increases the damage enormously !! )

so it was absolutely necessary for me to make one.
(excuse the small reference but this is the biggest image I could find - it is the original ingame-size)

first thing:
the bottle is transparent. I didn't correctly do that. I have never made my own rinestones or worked with pouring resin and I didn't want to learn it for this project. but I will to this for other costumes and I can't wait to work with it. but i still wanted to drink out of this bottle and on top I was to lazy and wanted a quick result >D

second thing:
the bottle is sealed with a plug. but I wanted a bottle with a screw cap. a save one. no leaking and no spilling of my drink.

I used this bottle for my base. I chose it because it had a biiiiiiiig screw cap and a firm plastic body. cheap mineralwater-bottles are ok but more unstable and buckle a lot.

and you can see the pink styrodur-piece at left corner.
I wrote an whole entry about styrodur. but for those who are to much in a rush and don't know what styrodur is :
a plastic-foam like styrofoam but with a finer texture. it is mainly used to isolate houses - you can get it at your building supplies store. is is a very light material witch can be easily formed and arranged. you can carve it greatly and don't need a lot of tools to work with this. a carpet cutter does a great job.
but styrodur is an extremely weak material. it breaks easily and repair is sometimes difficult or even impossible.
but for smaller projects like this bottle it is perfect :)

I got my styrodur plate from my local building supplies store "Baumarkt" and it thickness is about 1,8 cm.
sometimes you can get these plates with a grit structure or with an even texture. and thickness is variable from 1,8 cm to 10 cm or so. not sure. but something like this.

what did I do with the bottle an the styrodur?
I cut the styrodur into stripes of round about 2 cm thickness and glued them next to each other onto the bottle at the front I put the stripes without any space in between and carved the skull features into the material. (sadly I do not have any pictures of the front side at this step)

then a coat of papier maché.

I prefer to use thin white paper, than newspaper-paper because the colour will come out better later

and the painting.

at this step I should have put a coat of clear coat on top of that, to prevent the colours from getting on other projects 

I did not do that, and I regret it, it stained my white amour and I couldn't get the colour off it
so if you have done your painting job put a coat of clear lack over it to finish it completely.

that is how I have done my poison bottle, hope you liked this article :)

thanks for reading and have a nice day

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